Yes! The time has come! Daylight Savings is upon us and that means we will all need to shift our schedules just a smidge to help our littles stay on track. Today I am going to explain how to handle Daylight Savings the weekend of Daylight Savings! Easy peasy! 

When do I reset my clock?: 

Wait until Sunday morning! I know you will be tempted to reset your clock the night of Daylight Savings, but I am going to recommend that you wait. Wait until your little ones wake up and starts their day on Sunday. That way you are not panicking when your child is waking up at 5 or 6 AM (new time) when really to them it’s 7:00 AM (regular time). Once everyone is up and awake adjust your clocks. 

How do I rearrange nap times?:

Subtract 30. Take your child’s normal nap time and subtract 30 minutes. For example: if your child takes a nap at 10:00 A.M. for the next 3-4 days (starting on Sunday) do nap time at 9:30 A.M. This will be a little bit of a stretch for them, but not too much of a stretch to where they are overtired. This will help slowly adjust them to the new time change. Do the same for every other nap your chid takes in the day. After 3-4 days your child should be able to jump back to normal nap time. 

How do I rearrange bedtime?: 

Subtract 30. Do the same for bedtime as nap time. If bedtime is normally 8:00 PM, on Sunday do bedtime at 7:30 (to them this will be actually be 8:30 PM normally). Once again a little push but not too much to make them overtired. Do this starting Sunday night and do it for the next 3-4 nights. After the allotted time you should be able to jump back to normal bedtime. 

Is this going to ruin everything?: 

NO! Don’t stress! Make the above adjustments and your baby/toddler should do just fine! Some children don’t even need the gentle approach and adjust the day of Daylight Savings. You know your child the best and will know what will work for them! For some of you lucky mommas Daylight Savings will even work in your favor if your have an early riser! Stay tuned this week on my social media platforms! I will be sharing some free “Adjusted Schedules” to help you mommas out with the new change coming! Remember, it’s going to be okay!