Quick Tweet

A Quick Tweet is a 60-minute phone call to discuss your child’s current sleep habits. The consultant will answer any of your questions and give you step by step advice in how to reach your family’s sleep goals.


This is for you if:

-If you are a “DIY” kind of momma and just need the steps to get where you want to go with your family’s sleep!

-Need help with a transtion. (swaddle, nursery, pacifier, etc.)


 What you get:

– 1 hour training phone call

– Custom Sleep Plan

– Nursery Tour

– One follow up email


New Customer: $100

Returning Customer: $50

The Hatchling Sleep Plan

The Hatchling Sleep Packet is the what I wish I had before I had my son. It will prepare you in what to expect with your new bundle of joy arriving soon. If your child has already arrived and is under the age of 3 months old this plan will help you learn the basics of sleep and give you the steps in how to create a healthy sleep foundation from the start!


This is for you if: 

-You’re an expecting mother.

-Your baby is 3 months old or younger.


 What you get:

– Learn how to establish a healthy sleep foundation from the beginning and understand the basics of newborn baby sleep with my Hatchling Sleep Plan.

– Nursery Assessment to make sure your baby’s sleeping enviorment is safe and ready for lots of sleep! (Virtual)

– 1 hour training phone call.

– Ten days of text support during business hours. 

-First night extended hours. (5:00-9:00 P.M.)



Plan: $150

The Baby Bird Sleep Plan

 (4 months- 4 years)

The Baby Bird Sleep Plan is the ultimate plan for the child between the ages of 4 months to 4 years that is struggling to sleep. This plan will give you all the information you need to know how to reach your family’s sleep goals and offers you the support (from me) that you need while you walk through the sleep training journey.


 This is for you if: 

 -Your child is between the ages of 4 months and 4 years and is struggling to sleep.

  What you get:

 – 1 Hour Training phone Call

 – Custom Sleep Plan

 – Nursery Assessment (virtual)

– 10 days of text support (10 days unlimited within business hours)

-First night extended hours. (5:00-9:00 PM)


Plan: $200









The Multiples Sleep Plan 

(4 months-4 years)

The Multiples Sleep Plan is here for those of you families that have double the love. One baby is one thing, but two is a whole other ballgame! Habits have built up and you need help with next steps in how to get your multiple babies to sleep. This packages is perfect for you and I will customize a sleep plan specifically for you and your families needs with multiples.


This is for you if: 

-You have two or more children of the same exact age and are struggling to sleep.


What you get:

– 2 Hour Training Phone Call

– Custom Sleep Plan

– Nursery Assessment 

– 20 days unlimited text support within business hours.

-First night extended hours. (5:00-9:00 P.M.)



Plan: $400

Additional Week of Support

If you feel like you need more time with me you can always purchase an additional week of text or email support.




Text Support: $100

Gift Certificate

Give a mom or expecting mom the gift of sleep!



Amounts: $25-$400

Contact Me

If you are interested in any of the packages that I offer please contact me to schedule your free consultation. I want to help every family find rest.

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