Lovey’s, blankets, and pillows are all so cute, right?! But when is it okay to add these sweet comfort items to your baby’s/toddlers sleep environment? 

Today I am answering this question by simply breaking down what can be in your baby’s/toddlers crib by age. Straight-forward and easy. 

0-3 Months

Between the age of 0-3 months, the only thing that should be in your baby’s bassinet or crib is your baby in a tight-fitting swaddle. That is it. At this age, the risk of SIDS is at its highest potential. For this reason, any loose item in the crib is a safety hazard. 

3-12 Months

At 3 months old your baby will already be transitioned or will need to transition out of the swaddle and can safely transition to a sleep sack (if desired). Between 3-12 months old, the only thing allowed in your baby’s sleep environment is your baby and a wearable sleep sack.

12-24 Months 

At 12 months old you are safe to begin incorporating a loose blanket and lovey (stuffed animal). Start with a small blanket or small lovey when beginning this transition. A large blanket or stuffed animal may be distracting at first rather than comforting. Once your toddler has become comfortable with the little loose item you have incorporated, transitioning to a larger blanket will not be as distracting. Blankets and lovey’s are not “must-haves”, but toddlers do tend to cling to these cute items for comfort while sleeping which can be great for independent sleep habits. 

24+ Months 

Once your toddler reaches 2 years old you can safely start incorporating a pillow into their sleep environment. Once again, I wouldn’t start with a large pillow. You can purchase toddler pillows on Amazon that are the perfect starter pillow for your little one. Do not expect them to love it at first. It’s different and will take time to get used to. But once they warm up to it, they will prefer it. A pillow is not a “must-have” but simply an option. 

See! It’s as simple as that! I even created an easy-to-follow Comfort Items Pyramid, below, for you to refer to if you forget the age range of when to safely add these comfort items! These “rules” are established to keep your baby safe! Quality rest is important but keeping your baby safe while they rest is far more important and also allows you to rest a little easier, mama!