It’s a burning question that I get from my clients all the time; “How do I keep my baby on track with sleep while we are away from home?!” I get it. You worked hard to help your baby gain the rest that they are currently getting and you are afraid a vacation or trip away from home is going to ruin it.

My answer to this question is simple, and a large part of my answer is “Buy a SlumberPod!”. I’m going to talk through why the SlumberPod makes it incredibly easy to keep your baby on track with sleep while away from home. 

Why is the SlumberPod the go-to “away from home” sleep product? 

There are a couple of reasons why the SlumberPod makes it at the top of my list as far as sleep products that you can use away from home to help keep your baby on track with sleep. 

  1. Guaranteed dark space: If you have followed me long enough, you know that having a dark space for your baby to sleep is going to help influence them to good quality of sleep and longer sleep. That’s easy to control at home, but when you are on vacation you aren’t always guaranteed that dark space for your baby to sleep in. That’s why the SlumberPod is so valuable. No matter where you go, with the SlumberPod you WILL have that dark space for your baby to sleep in. No stressing about having to blackout windows, etc. The SlumberPod is a guaranteed dark space for your baby to get good solid sleep away from home.

2. Separate space: If you don’t have a separate room for your baby to sleep in while you are away from home, the SlumberPod creates a separate space within your space. This helps your baby to continue to use good sleep habits while away from home and doesn’t throw your baby off since they can’t see you even though you are sleeping in the same room.

3. Air circulation: The SlumberPod has air vents that you can open to allow air circulation to flow through the SlumberPod during sleep. This keeps your baby cool and safe. Not to mention, the SlumberPod 2.0 has a portable fan and pocket to ensure that your baby is getting good airflow and staying cool and safe all night long. 

4. Easy to Pack: Last but not least, the SlumberPod is easy to pack and no hassle to set up and take down. It takes me 2-3 minutes to set up and 2-3 minutes to take down. Easy peasy. 

Where ever my family goes, you will always see our SlumberPod with us! It gives me peace of mind to know that even when we are away from home, Jude is going to be able to still get the sleep he needs without falling off the wagon. Vacations are fun, but not with a tired and fussy baby! If you are wanting to invest in a SlumberPod use my code: NESTCODE20 to get $10 off the original SlumberPod and $20 off the SlumberPod 2.0 (fan included). The SlumberPod may not be cheap, BUT it is worth every penny! I promise!