If you haven’t heard me say it yet I’ll say it again…….I LOVE WORKING WITH TWINS! Bring me all the twins PLEASE!  I love working with twins because I enjoy seeing families with twins realize that they can have sleep too! I also enjoy a challenge and I think we can all say that two or three is much more challenging than one. (P.S. If you know of any families with triplets that need sleep please send them my way! I would LOVE to work with them!) Today I am sharing my Top Four Twin Tips. If you have twins or expecting twins use these four tips to help your twins find rest:


  • Double up on sound: One sound machine on the loudest wall of the nursery and the other sound machine in between the twins cribs. Be sure to check the decibel level for both cribs! Read this blog post to learn how you can test the decibel level in your twins nursery and what decibel level is considered safe: https://therestingnest.com/2021/06/white-noise/


  • Sync schedules: This is KEY! Otherwise you have a baby up ALL the time and you never get a break and is not sustainable. It’s important to feed the twins at the same time and sleep at the same time. I always want my twins to be no more then 10-15 minutes apart in schedule. 


  • Use adjusted age: Always use your twins adjusted age. Some get confused on this but to put it simply use your twins due date as their age reference, not when they were actually born. It’s common to have twins early so it’s important to use their due date when referring to age. This helps with identifying regressions, leaps and wake windows for your twins.


  • Nap separate: Until your twins become consistent sleepers have them NAP separate. That means in two different rooms. This is only until they become consistent nappers. Once they are consistent during the day you can start having them nap in the same room. BUT LISTEN…. regardless of how they are sleeping during the day ALWAYS have them sleep in the same room at night. Note, your twins should never share a crib. Each baby should have their own separate crib always.



If you are wanting more support in this journey in helping your multiples find rest PLEASE sign up for a free consultation! I would love to chat with you and discuss the possibility of working together. I LOVE working with multiples! If you think it’s impossible to help your babies find rest…….think again. We can find it together!