“ It’s a night and day difference. We now have a bedtime routine that I look forward to every evening. Saylor loves it too! We’re able to put her in her bed after our routine and she settles right to sleep.”

The Storkirch Family

“Before The Resting Nest Briggs had no idea what a crib was! Before I had Briggs I swore our babies would never sleep with us! That changed when Briggs was born and I was so scared for him to be away from me so from the very beginning he slept in my arms in bed every single night. Fast forward to 4 months old and he wasn’t taking naps longer than 30 min ever and was waking up all night long to nurse. I can now lay him down awake in his crib and he will put himself to sleep and he wakes up only twice to nurse now, around the same times every night! His naps are at LEAST an hour long now! As a new mom I was totally winging it and Taylor helped my husband and I create not only a safe sleep environment but also a healthy routine for us to follow! We seriously couldn’t thank her enough! Taylor has truly been a blessing to our family!”

The Cormier Family

“ The most beneficial thing I learned during my time with Taylor was learning how to get Sawyer to sleep through the night along with having hands free nap times! Allowing me to get things done while Sawyer sleeps during day!”

The Welch Family

“WOW. There are no words for the transformation in our sleep. Using Taylor’s techniques, we went from barely sleeping at night to getting a full nights rest! By night three our daughter slept 11 hours straight and has been sleeping through the night since!”

The Achor Family

“Sleep for our household has done a complete 180. My husband and I are back to sleeping together in our own room and Atlas is peacefully resting in his.”

The McMurry Family

“It’s a complete 180 degree difference! I felt like my family’s sleep goals would only ever be something I wished for, but since working with The Resting Nest, they are no a reality.”

The Tramonte Family

“ We’ve been able to start cooking dinner as a couple again at 7:00 P.M. because he’s sleeping and he stays asleep all night long! Our bedtime routine is so relaxing now.”

The Guidry Family

“Invest in your family by gaining sleep. This was a lifestyle shift for us. What a blessing this experience was! Now that Samuel is sleeping it creates time for Colby and I to play with our oldest daughter Sophie, enjoy the evening together and still get quality sleep.”

The Rose Family

“Taylor has completely change the way we view bedtime. My 15 month old son never slept through an entire night. I was dreading bedtime because I knew myself, my husband and son would be up all night. We signed up with The Resting Nest and it’s literally the best thing I could have done for my family. My son sleeps 12 hours straight a night and even naps for 2.5-3 hours during the day. This program is incredible!!!”

The Naron Family

“If you’re skeptical just do it. You won’t regret it! I was honestly very skeptical this would help because my daughter is very strong willed and the baby of the family. I thought I should have known how to fix it. I knew many things were because of things I created but it’s completely different. I was afraid I would miss our bed time things or possibly regret it but I don’t. Now I’m sleeping the entire night and bedtime is not painful and long. We actually enjoy our time together before bed because it’s intentional and we all know what to do. Don’t wait! I only wish I had The Resting Nest with my first child but I’m so thankful I had her for my fourth. We are able to enjoy each other so much more and we are all getting a full nights rest now.”

The Miller Family

“Charlotte is so happy and content with a big smile on her face every morning because she actually gets a full nights rest or only has one waking in the night.”

The Hoyt Family

“Banks sleeps 12 hours straight. I can’t even believe it! I thought this was something we would never accomplish. I love Banks sleeping from 7-7 and waking up laughing and smiling! Reach out to The Resting Nest! It is so easy and worth it! Working with Taylor has changed my family’s life. I am able to spend quality time with my older sons and know that my babies are getting the best sleep. I am also a better mom because of it! Sleep is so important, let The Resting Nest change you life like they did mine!”

The Berlin Family

“It was the biggest Blessing to find Taylor at just the time! She was so encouraging at every step as we worked together! I wish I had know all the great info about sleep patterns with my other children, but I am so so glad I reached out to her when I did! In less than 2 weeks, my 10 month old Bundle of Love was sleeping 12 hrs!”
The Dickson Family

“Night one, my 7 month old twins slept ELEVEN HOURS! I feel like this would be considered “enough said” but there is just so much to say about Taylor! Twin mamas, I feel you. I get it. Twins are insanely hard, they wake each other up, it’s rare they both sleep and they typically alternate turns with who is up at what hour, leaving you awake all night. We’ve been there. Trust me when I tell you, Taylor is your answer!! Not only have we benefitted from it ourselves (hello sleep!), but our boys are so much happier! They were consistently overtired before we started and we were fighting a losing battle. Taylor has not only helped us, but she has taught us the science behind reaching these goals! We are now confident in all scenarios and we have babies who sleep 11+ hours every single night. This girl deserves to be celebrated!!”

The Aker Family

“There are no words great enough to describe the depth of gratitude we have for Taylor. Our sweet Lyla was co-sleeping with us and waking to nurse every hour for nine months. Our family just couldn’t function any more. I knew something had to change, but I was scared. I was SO nervous and so unsure. Taylor became an anchor for our family. Her calmness, her confidence that Lyla could sleep 12 hours straight, her support, and the education she gave us took us through the process with pure trust. Following her instruction showed results the very first night. Each night became easier and easier. I know that Lyla is benefiting from a full nights rest. She is less clingy, happier, and enjoys her night routine. My husband and I actually get to cuddle again, have a few hours together before bed, and we have quality sleep! Our family as a whole has been renewed and we could not have done this without Taylor’s graceful guidance. Thank you, Taylor,for being so gentle with not only Lyla, but with mama and daddy as well during this process ! We are grateful beyond words!”

The Cowart Family

“It’s like night and day from before getting Taylor’s help to now. Banks sleeps in her bassinet now and goes to sleep on her own with no crying. She’s a happier baby getting better sleep and I’m a better mama!”

The Ransom Family

“The BEST experience that is well worth every cent! Our sweet Charlee struggled with sleep from the day she was born. She had colic, and an undeveloped valve in her tummy, which caused us so much upset during nap and bed time. She would toss and turn all night. We would get any where from 3 to 5 hours of sleep. Once she turned 9 months old we wouldn’t do it anymore. I reach out to Taylor and she literally saved us! Charlee is now sleeping 10-12 hours at night! She kept us informed, comfortable, and provided the upmost support through the whole process! 110% recommend!”

The Hockett Family

“My favorite part was realizing how much my son loves sleep! He is so much happier now that he’s rested. And in turn, we are able to have time at the end of the day and get more sleep ourselves. It’s so nice knowing that we weren’t in this alone. Being able to talk to Taylor each day and celebrate and problem solve was a game changer!”

The Gudbranson Family

“Reaching out to Taylor with the Resting Nest was the BEST decision we’ve made! Before working with her Brooks was still waking up every couple hours at night and HAD to be rocked/given a bottle to go back to sleep. I knew I wanted to sleep train him (he is 5 months old), but I had no idea where to start being that there are so many methods and opinions about it. I almost lost my sanity but after only a couple of days Taylor turned him into a whole new baby at night. I love how her methods are very gentle since the cry-it-out method was a little too harsh for me personally. Her customized plans and guidance after only two weeks helped Brooks learn how to self-soothe himself back to sleep without Hunter or I having to go help him ourselves all through the night. She even helped with day time sleep and recommended products that have contributed big time! I can’t recommend this business enough. Brooks is so much happier and so are we now that we can SLEEP at night.”

The Gonzales Family

“ The only thing I regret is not starting sooner! Working with Taylor has literally been life-changing for our twins & us as a family! The best part was having the support along the way so you know exactly what to do if something comes up! I promise you won’t regret making this decision for your little one(s) and yourself! Let this be your sign to DO IT.”

The Landry Family

“Where do I even begin!? Taylor has completely changed our lives. Our son was 4 months when we started working with Taylor. He was still sleeping in our room, and waking up every 1-2 hours throughout the night to feed. We were exhausted, and some really bad sleeping habits formed. Throughout the day we were rocking our baby to sleep EVERY TIME. He would only sleep for 20-30 minutes in his crib, before waking up and crying. The only way to get him back to sleep was to rock him for the remainder of the nap. I was spending 4+ hours a day sitting in the rocking chair. As much as I loved the sweet snuggles from my baby boy, I felt trapped. Taylor helped us transition our son into the nursery on the FIRST night of working together. By night #2, he was putting himself to sleep in his crib, on his own! Our son is now sleeping through the night, and taking 4 naps a day! Taylor taught us that it’s our job to offer our baby sleep, and it’s his job to sleep! Because of Taylor, our family has FOUND REST.”

The Johnson Family

“Where to begin?? My twin boys were taking 30 minute naps (while being constantly bounced in a bouncer) and woke up every 2 hours at night. My husband and I were sleeping in separate beds with one baby. After spending a month with Taylor, my babies take hour and a half naps and sleep 10-12 hours at night. I finally feel like I have a life again! Taylor is THE BEST!”
The Armstrong Family

“My LO was waking up if not every hour every other hour during the night. My husband and I were exhausted and felt defeated to say the least. We had tried EVERYTHING. I found The Resting Nest because a friend on social media posted about how well her 3 month old baby was sleeping through the night and was thanking The Resting Nest. I immediately texted my husband that we needed to give this a shot because we had tried everything else and nothing was working for us. He was 100% down of course. Taylor worked with us for two full weeks (always super sweet and responded fast) to not only get my little one sleeping through the night but we even transitioned him into his OWN room and into his OWN crib at 4 months!! He now sleeps from 730p – 6am! (Happy dance) Y’all. Do not struggle for a full month like my husband and I did! If you follow the schedule and tips that Taylor provides you – your baby will be sleeping well in no time! I wish we would have found Taylor sooner but I am sure happy we found her when we did. Sleep deprivation is a real thing and we didn’t realize how much we needed our sleep. I can’t recommend The Resting Nest enough! If you’re thinking about hiring a sleep consultant for your baby- Taylor is your girl!”
The Greenway Family

“Before starting a plan, we were struggling tremendously…sleeping only 3 hours at a time, waking up 2-4 times a night. Quality sleep was not happening. By the time we fell asleep we would wake up and repeat the cycle again. Now Holly is consistently sleeping through the night…12 hours straight without intervention. We, as parents, are able to get quality sleep and spend more time together as husband and wife. Sleep and quality time together has enabled us to be better parents to Holly.
5. The price tag was absolutely worth it! When you think about the hours Taylor puts in creating personalized plans, reaching out with personal support, and one on one education the price is definitely reasonable.”
The Pruitt Family

“We were exhausted and nights were miserable. I dreaded bed time with Teague, because I knew we would be up multiple times. I wasn’t able to be the mom I wanted to be with either child because I was simply trying to survive and make it day to day.
We only slept a few hours at a time getting maybe a 2 hour stretch before waking and spending 30 min to 1.5 hours getting Teague back to sleep. We now can put Teague to sleep with confidence knowing unless he’s not feeling good we won’t be up with him till morning. He will wake up happy and rested. The best part is being able to have someone that cared for our whole family. In the middle or our 10 days my husband had to go to the ER. Taylor asked about Chase and prayed for him. So caring and during that time we were able to leave someone at our house and be secure that Teague would stay asleep and not need someone to hold,rock, bounce or feed him while we were gone through the night. My advice if you find yourself in tears each night and feel like you will never sleep again and you are praying for answers, look into The Resting Nest! Reach out and ask questions! You can find the sleep you need and you can have someone who actually knows the answers. You don’t have to spend 1 am holding a baby wondering why they won’t sleep and you’ll know what to do!”
The Peyrot Family

“I cannot say enough about how incredible this experience was for me and our family. For me, having someone I can lean on and run to when I had questions or concerns is what truly made the difference. Taylor was so kind, gentle, encouraging, and professional throughout the entire process. She is what truly made this journey so easy on this mama. I cannot express enough how important it was to have someone that I could lean on for encouragement and advice on a topic that was such a sore spot in our home. We had an amazing little sleeper in just a couple of nights and we are incredibly impressed with how easy and smoothly the transition was. Thank you a million times, Taylor. You are so special to our family!”
The Skidmore Family

“WOW! Where do I even begin? Maybe we should start with how little we were sleeping… My daughter (11.5 months old) was waking up 7-10 times before midnight.. with a 7:30pm bedtime.. anyone reading this going “YIKES!” yet? It was horrible! For her and me .. and well you know how the saying goes “Ain’t nobody happy if mama ain’t happy?” lets just say.. some of my close contacts may know this to be true. This was when I found out about Taylor, a true sleep angel! I was so nervous to get started but I knew I had to help my baby girl get the rest her growing body needed! It was a bonus for me get the sleep too! My mental health was NOT good after getting little sleep for a whole year! My Why was because I want to be the best mama to my little girl I can be! I was getting quick to anger and my patience was beginning to run thin. It wasn’t fair to her. I also know how important sleep is for brain development especially with littles! We started are sleep training journey and on the 3rd day, my daughter put herself to sleep within 5 minutes and slept 12 hours!!! I was amazed!! My daughter is 13 months old today, and is sleeping 11.5 -12.5 hours every single night!! Not only did her night time sleep drastically improve but so did her naps! Of course, we just wished we would’ve done this so much sooner but I am glad we found The Resting Nest when we did! Our consistency made me proud of us as parents and so proud of my baby girl! Not only was Taylor an amazing coach but I truly feel like I gained a friend as well! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! DON’T WAIT! Get the rest you ALL deserve.”

The Moore Family

“My son is 14 months old and still needed to be breastfed to sleep, woke several times a night and would only nap on us. We have another little one on the way and wanted to get him into a better routine before our newest arrival! I was having to wake up several times a night and breastfeed him back to sleep. Around the time we reached out to the resting nest he also started not going back to sleep in his crib at night. He would only go back to sleep in our bed. Now he sleeps throughout the night almost every night and even if he wakes he goes back to sleep quickly! My advice to any tired family is to do the resting nest program! Every child is different and she caters to your specific child, your needs, and your daily schedule!”

The Henry Family